How to Deposit and Withdraw Money, Naira From Luno Accounts In Nigeria

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, this article may be up help to you.

On this content, we are going to show you easiest way to withdraw and deposit money into Luno Cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria.

Recall that deposits money into any cryptocurrency trading platform was suspended early 2021 following the directives by CBN, central Bank of Nigeria.

The order urge banks to Block Any accounts with trace of Cryptocurrency trading.

The order makes many people abandoned crypto and find another levels.

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The orders also force Luno to suspend deposit And withdrawal for it Nigerian customer.

Late last year, Luno resumes Deposit and Withdrawal for Nigerians customer.

This method seem to be easy and safe because, you don’t have to deal with direct Luno to Bank transaction.

In this method, you have to deal with vaucher to bank, and Vaucher to Luno.

The process of depositing and Withdrawing into Luno accounts takes only two steps.

First step is go to your Luno Naira wallet, Click on Deposit, then click on Create Vaucher enter the amount, follow the guidelines to deposit your money into it Vaucher.

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After successful Vaucher deposit, come the next step when you will loads the money into your Luno Naira wallet.

Now Go to Naira wallet, Click on Redeem Vaucher, then go to your email you register with Luno accounts, Email send by Luno is already waiting for you in your Mail box.

Open the mail, and Copy the required information, Such as Pin, Security number, after filling all the requirements, and you click on Redeem, go back to your email one times password has been forwarded to your email, enter the password to deposit the money into your Luno wallet account.

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In term of withdrawal, just click on Withdraw, follow the instructions to get your money deposited into your Banks account.

We have come to and ends, of these tutorial, have questions? Dropped it in the comments section below

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