February 2022

Genus Salmonella, Parasitic to Man?

What is Salmonella? Salmonella are groups of gram negative micro-organism bacteria responsibility in causing typhoid disease. In it characteristics, Salmonella are rods, motile and facultative anaerobe bacteria. Salmonella oxidase negative, catalase positive, KCN negative, often citrate positive and H2S positive. Salmonellae attack carbohydrates by fermentation. Salmonellae mostly parasitic to man, animals, such as cows, pigs, […]

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What is Phospholipid?

Phospholipids are biochemical compound or substance made up of combination of lipids and phosphate. The substance are ester of glycerol with two fatty acyl group and phosphotidic acid. Phospholipids has similar chemical structure with triglycerides. Phospholipids main groups in plasma are; Sphingomyelin, Lecithin and Cephalins. Phospholipids are one of the important component of plasma membrane.

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Body Phosphorus

Phosphorus is chemical substances found in every body cells. Our body system contains about 17mols of phosphorus, 80 percent of the phosphorus are found to combine with bones and teeth. The phosphorus is a constituents of many compounds which includes proteins, lipids, some coenzymes and carbohydrates. Classification of Phosphorus in the Blood Phosphorus in our

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Microbiology Test

Here are some common test request in Microbiology Laboratory. 1. Urine Microscopy. 2. Urine Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 3. Stool Microscopy 4. Stool Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 5. Occult blood in Stool 6. High Vagina Swab Microscopic culture and Sensitivity HVS M/C/S. 7. Urethral Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 8. Blood Culture/Sensitivity. 9.

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Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test)

Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test) 1. Human Immuno deficiency syndrome (HIV) 2. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). 3. Packed Cells Volume (PCV) 4. Malaria Parasites (MP) 5. Widal. 5. VDRL. 6. Blood Group. 7. Genotype. 8. Pregnancy Test (PT) 9. H. Pylori. 10. Full Blood Count (FBC). 11. Red Blood Cell (RBC). 12. Erythrocytes Sedimentation

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Common test Request often in Nigeria Medical Laboratories

Medical Laboratory test is the same all over the world, but base on the endemic of particular infection, some societies tend to limit the required investigation. Nigeria is not an exemption. Because excess of Mosquitoes who help in transmitting Malaria, MP, Malaria parasites is one of the common test Request in Nigeria. And often if

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