Basic Medical Test


Haematology Test

Here are the basics test request in Haematological department. 1. Blood Pregnancy Test (HCG) 2. Urine Pregnancy Test (HCG) 3. Full Blood Count (FBC) 4. HB-Heamoglobin 4. Pack Cell Volume (PCV) 5. Blood Grouping. 6. Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 7. Genotype. 8. Widal test. 9. HIV Screening. 10. HBSA Screening etc

Microbiology Test

Here are some common test request in Microbiology Laboratory. 1. Urine Microscopy. 2. Urine Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 3. Stool Microscopy 4. Stool Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 5. Occult blood in Stool 6. High Vagina Swab Microscopic culture and Sensitivity HVS M/C/S. 7. Urethral Microscopic culture and Sensitivity M/C/S. 8. Blood Culture/Sensitivity. 9. …

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Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test)

Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test) 1. Human Immuno deficiency syndrome (HIV) 2. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). 3. Packed Cells Volume (PCV) 4. Malaria Parasites (MP) 5. Widal. 5. VDRL. 6. Blood Group. 7. Genotype. 8. Pregnancy Test (PT) 9. H. Pylori. 10. Full Blood Count (FBC). 11. Red Blood Cell (RBC). 12. Erythrocytes Sedimentation …

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