What is General Body Test?

A general body test is an investigation of the entire body systems.

In medical laboratory, some patients often walked in and request for general test.

Most of these patients are the one that weren’t refer by medical personnels.

Why This patients request for General Test?

Most of the patient that request for general test are the one that has reocurent symptoms of general body pains and they have done several treatments without test, an no improvement.

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Did we have General Test?

Did we actually have general test as some patients often requested?

The answer is yes, there are general test, but many people who often come for the test can’t afford the cost, because general body test will include all x-ray, Scan, all clinical Chemistry Test, microbiology and others, which will cost close to millions Naira if not above.

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But the scientist who have experience and have work for sometimes will ask the patient some basic question, the question will help the scientist to outline some basic test, the test will be inline with the patient complain.

In some case, the Laboratory may have Dr. Which the patient can consult before doing the test.

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The Doctor will help observe and ask the you the patient some questions, this question will guide the doctor to prescribe basic test for you.

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