What is Phospholipid?

Phospholipids are biochemical compound or substance made up of combination of lipids and phosphate.

The substance are ester of glycerol with two fatty acyl group and phosphotidic acid.

Phospholipids has similar chemical structure with triglycerides.

Phospholipids main groups in plasma are; Sphingomyelin, Lecithin and Cephalins.

Phospholipids are one of the important component of plasma membrane.

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It is responsible in carrying hydrophobic and hydrophilic charges on their molecules, as such serve as a channels for good interface between highly charged water molecules and neutral lipids for movements of molecules across the membrane.

25 percent Equivalent of phospholipids are moved by Low density lipoprotein, (LDL) 30 percent are moved by High Density Lipoprotein, (HDL) and about 20 percent and moved by Very low density lipoprotein, (VLDL).

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