Omokoshaban Medical Laboratory provide accurate, reliable and affordable Medical investigation to the general public in Edo, State in Benin City.

Our office is located, at Igo community, After Ekehuan Barrack, Upper Ekewan Road, after Mango Mango, beside ASKAF Filling Station.

The Medical Laboratory is newly established, founded by Musa Shuaibu Omoko.

As that now, we can comfortable carried the following investigation:

Widal test.

Malaria test.

Pregnancy Test.

Blood Group.


Sexually transmitted disease investigation, such as;


Urine MCS.

High Vagina Swab (HVS) MCS

Cervical MCS

Urethral MCS.

Others test includes

Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS).

Random Blood Sugar (RBS).


Packed Cell Volume.

And many more

Omokoshaban Medical Laboratory offer affordable and accurate medical laboratory services to the general public.
Our office is at Igo community, Beside ASKAF Filling Station, Upper Ekewan Road, After Ekehuan Barrack, Benin City, Edo State.

We also offer home services.
Incase you don’t want to visit hospital or laboratory center, and you need some investigation, please book your test on our website at
Please Note: Home service is available only for people living within, Igo community, Oghede, Ugbioko quarter, Ekehuan Barrack and it environment for now.

We are working hard to extend our service to other part of Benin.

We keep you posted when our services covering other area of Benin kick start.

We open from 7am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday…