July 2022

Acute blood loss

When there is dropped in Red Blood Cells, (RBCs) hemoglobins or volume of Packed Cells Volume (PCV), dropped abruptly, it refer to as Acute Blood Loss (ABL). According to World health organization, (WHO), when hemoglobins of man dropped below 13g/dl and woman dropped below 12g/dl, it said to be anaemia. Anaemia is generally defined as …

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Body Calcium

Calcium is chemical substances that form structural mineral in our bones. Calcium is major cation in the body system. There are many Medical Laboratory method available for the estimation of calcium levels in our body Plasma or serums. Some among of this method depends on the precipitation of insoluble salt of Calcium. Atomic absorption flame …

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What is Hypercalcemia?

Hypercalcemia as the name imply is excess of Calcium in the body system. That is, there are present of Calcium above the normal or reference range in the blood cells. High level of Calcium (Hypercalcemia) are often found in the following conditions; hypothyroidism, cancer metastases in bones, alkalosis (diet for peptic ulcer) hypervitaminosis.

What is Hypocalcemia?

The opposite of Hypercalcemia is Hypocalcemia. It a condition when the present of Calcium in the blood cells doesn’t reach the Normal or Reference range. Lower level of Calcium in the blood is called Hypocalcemia. Often Hypocalcemia are found in the following conditions; hypoparathyroidism, Rickets, chronic glomerulonephritis, acute pancreatitis and malabsorption syndrome.

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