Clinical Chemistry

Medical Laboratory Procedure of Gastric Juice Collection

Gastric juice collection is often a ward procedure. Below are the procedure you need to follow to collect gastric juice from patient. 1. patient prepared for collection of gastric juice must be in fasting state and must be free from sight or overnight food odour. 2. Witheld all medication capable of influencing gastric secretion for

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Body Calcium

Calcium is chemical substances that form structural mineral in our bones. Calcium is major cation in the body system. There are many Medical Laboratory method available for the estimation of calcium levels in our body Plasma or serums. Some among of this method depends on the precipitation of insoluble salt of Calcium. Atomic absorption flame

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Body Phosphorus

Phosphorus is chemical substances found in every body cells. Our body system contains about 17mols of phosphorus, 80 percent of the phosphorus are found to combine with bones and teeth. The phosphorus is a constituents of many compounds which includes proteins, lipids, some coenzymes and carbohydrates. Classification of Phosphorus in the Blood Phosphorus in our

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