Blood specimen, containers for collecting sample and effect on results outcome

In case of blood specimen, specimen container used for blood for biochemical investigation must be leak proof and chemically clean. Syringe and needle for collecting the blood sample must also be chemically clean, dry and sterile. Venipuncture is the accepted method of blood collection. Some factors that affect the correctness of test result Do originate …

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Acute blood loss

When there is dropped in Red Blood Cells, (RBCs) hemoglobins or volume of Packed Cells Volume (PCV), dropped abruptly, it refer to as Acute Blood Loss (ABL). According to World health organization, (WHO), when hemoglobins of man dropped below 13g/dl and woman dropped below 12g/dl, it said to be anaemia. Anaemia is generally defined as …

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Disorder of red blood cells

Below are some of the major disorder of red blood cells: 1. Anaemia 2. Hemoglobinopathies ( Thalassemias and Abnormal hemoglobins). 3. Disorder due to red enzyme defects, e.g. G6PD deficiency 4. Disorder due to red cell membrane defect, e.g hereditary spherocytosis. 5. Polycythemia

Red Blood Cells

Red Cells called erythrocytes form major cellular component of blood, i.e. Red Cells form about 45 percent of total volume of blood in adults, it give blood it reds colour. Each litre of blood contains about 5 x 10exp12 red Cells, but the exact number different with sex, age, gender and state of health.

Lymphoid stem cells

Lymphoid stem cells divide to form lymphoid progenitor cells which differentiate into B and T lymphocytes. early Development of B lymphocytes take place in the born marrow and lymphoid tissues and development of T lymphocytes take place in the thymus.

Post analytical stage

quality control in medical Laboratory come after conclusion of investigation. In order to maintain health standard guidelines, quality assurance must be there to. Quality assurance in the post analytical stage includes: Reporting and verifying Haematological test results. Taking appropriate actions when a result has serious clinical implications. Ensuring test results are interpreted correctly and adequate …

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Haematology Test

Here are the basics test request in Haematological department. 1. Blood Pregnancy Test (HCG) 2. Urine Pregnancy Test (HCG) 3. Full Blood Count (FBC) 4. HB-Heamoglobin 4. Pack Cell Volume (PCV) 5. Blood Grouping. 6. Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 7. Genotype. 8. Widal test. 9. HIV Screening. 10. HBSA Screening etc

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