What you need to know Medical Laboratory

Medical Laboratory Observation

The work carried out in medical laboratory help in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a result of this, the scientist must be sure that all test requested is conducted properly, if with any reason, the test is not performed properly, there will be effect on the patient wellbeing as such, it is compulsory that the following must be adhere to;

A minimum qualification is required by anyone who work in the medical laboratory as a scientist, this are achieved by attaining formal education in the medical laboratory field.

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A body should be created by the government of the country which will carried out a surveillance in order to make sure a certified medical laboratory scientist is allowed to work in the laboratory.

 The laboratory which run medically must meet it infrastructure requirement, without the laboratory meeting it infrastructure requirement, they will not be able to performed better as a result of that give uncertified result to the patient. With this, a government body set up must make sure that before any laboratory is allowed to operate, it must meet human and infrastructural requirement.

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A proper care must be taking, to make sure that member of the populace living within the area which the laboratory is situated did not suffer any harm as a result of the laboratory activity in the area, so with that, a government body set up to check mate the activity of laboratory operation must be carrying out monthly surveillance to make sure that laboratory operate within it ethical line.

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Just like other field, medical laboratory has its own body that lay down certain procedure on how laboratory test is conducted. But in must case, every country has its own regulatory body which main function where to issue a license of practice to a well-trained medical laboratory professional to carry out test procedure in the laboratory, of which the license practitioners required annual renewal of their license. 

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