What is Schistosome?

Schistosomes are trematodes or fluke which are different from other trematode in many respect.

Below are some of the difference

1. they are not hermaphrodite like other fluke but are diocious, i.e. the sexes are separate.

2. Their life cycle varies from the other fluke because the infection occur through skin penetration by the larval form, cercaria, not by ingestions.

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3. The adult warm leave in the blood vessel, not in the gastro-intestinal track.

Type of Schistosome Species which cause Diseases

There are three species of Schistosome which are important agent of human disease.

This three types of Schistosome cause Diseases in human.

1. Schistosoma haematobium

2. Schistosoma mansoni

3. Schistosoma Japonicum.

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Basic life cycle of Schistosomes are similar, but there are many species difference that allow differentiations among them on the basis of morphology, intermediate host species and pathology.

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