What is Biological Hazards?

Medical Laboratory is a very risky place to work in health system.

Many sample they brought to laboratory for investigation of a particular disease, may be infected with others contagious disease, and you as a scientist will not know, that is why the first procedure in medical Laboratory is safety.

Apply safety from collecting sample to handling and finally doing the investigation.

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What is Biological Hazards is all about?

Hazard cause by biological agents is called biological hazards.

What is Biological agent, this a biological micro-organism that cause infection or disease in human being.

Most of these biological agents, refer to as pathogens are harmless outside the host, but when they gain access into the host body, they Begin to reproduce thereby cause damage to the system.

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The biological agents which are known to be pathogens to human, are classify base on the effects they have on Human being.

They are group from 1 to 4.

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