Two Most Deadly Disease you have to be aware of, it killed faster than HIV

This article will quickly point some deadly diseases you don’t need to over look.

This two disease look so common, but it killed faster than HIV.

1. Diabetics

Diabetics is one of the most world deadliest disease. The diseases can killed within a month if not properly manage.

What is Diabetics? When their is rise in the concentrations of blood Glucose beyond the normal level, because the body system unable to produce insulin to leverage the glucose content in the blood system, it results to a condition is called Hyperglycemia, Diabetics.

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One with diabetics often have dryness of through, feeling tasty, urinating often, blur visson, lost of weight.

2. High Blood Pressure (High BP)

High BP is often sometimes referred to as silent killer.

This sickness occur as results of sudden movement of blood within the vessel faster or beyond the normal rate.

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The condition results to excess hearts beat.

High BP sometimes cause, pain in the joint, pain in the bone, and finally results to strokes.

This two disease has been recorded as the world silent killers.

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