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Care of a laboratory balance

This article we are going to discuss on how to care for laboratory balance.

Laboratory balance is a delicate instrument that gives a precision measurement. This instrument need careful handling and regular maintenance.

The manufacturer instruction for use are to be followed as much as possible when using the weighing balance. In using weighing, balance here are the simple rules that have to be followed. This rules are guide and mentainace of the balance.

1. The balance must be positioned very well which must be free of vibration preferably in a draug-free areas.

2. Level the balance with the help of a spirit level by adjusting the screw on the stand.

3. Zero the balance before weighing.

5. Never wear any substance that readily on the pan of a balance used a weighing container.

4. Always use forceps to add or remove weights when using a pan balance.

6. Keep the balance and the pan free of chemical by brushing the pan off after use.

7. Always keep a desiccant inside the cabinet of analytical balance.

8. Check the accuracy of the balance regularly.

9. When not in use protect the balance with a cover.

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Analytical Balance

Analytical balance as the name implies is an instrument use in weighing substance in the laboratory. Instrument is basically a two pan balance.

It has a simple operation by which a set of Known weight is added in one Pan while the other pan is balanced by the substance being a weights. This type of balance is fast fading away.

A modifications of the balance described above is a single pan balance.

Attached to one end of the balance is a beam with a weighing scale on it.

Before Weighing a substance, the scale is set to zero with the aid of a knob at the other end of the beam. A substance is weight by moving the scale on the beam to achieve equilibrium. This balance take a maximum load of about 200 g with the sensitivity of 1 mg.


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