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Medical Laboratory business plan in Nigeria

The medical laboratory industry is a crucial part of the healthcare system in Nigeria. It is a business that provides diagnostic testing services to healthcare providers and individuals. With the increasing demand for healthcare services in Nigeria, there is a huge potential for growth in the medical laboratory industry. This business plan will outline the […]

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Medical Laboratory Qualification Requirement

As profetional body, it need qualification to fit in, so in this content, we discuss little about Medical Laboratory qualification and Requirement.  Because it a profetional body, the government of the land is in charge with the qualification responsibility of entry into the professional studies of medical laboratory science. There are two way which medical

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Four Basic Medical Laboratory Discipline

Introduction to Medical Laboratory disciplines Medical laboratory science is a canopy area made up of many disciplines. The most paramount departmental discipline of medical laboratory science comprises the following; The important function of medical laboratory is to help the doctor diagnose and treat disease, by carrying out qualitative, quantitative test on a biological sample presented

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