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Design for setting Up Medical Laboratories

Just like every other things that have basics requirements, and set-up, Medical Laboratory has it own designs to suit the jobs needs.

When starting a medical laboratory, some basic consideration must be taken into account in bring out laboratories design.

In this post, i will outline seven basics, compulsory design laboratory needs.

1. The Laboratory surface must be impervious to water and must be easy to clean.

2. Working bench in the laboratory must be resistance to chemical attacks, such as acids, alkalis, solvents, and disinfectant.

3. Laboratory is not a restaurant, as such accessing the laboratory is restricted to only authorized personnel.

4. For Safety of workers, laboratory must have safety cabinet and room where possiblity of exposure to biological hazards agent be build and in control.

5. Any door that give access to room where infected organisms is, must carry Bio-hazard label.

6. Mechanically ventilated laboratory must maintain inward airflow by extracting to the external atmosphere.

7. Autoclave must be available at all times for waste material sterilization.

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Post analytical stage

quality control in medical Laboratory come after conclusion of investigation.

In order to maintain health standard guidelines, quality assurance must be there to.

Quality assurance in the post analytical stage includes:

Reporting and verifying Haematological test results.

Taking appropriate actions when a result has serious clinical implications.

Ensuring test results are interpreted correctly and adequate records are kept.

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Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test)

Common Medical Laboratory Investigation (Test)

1. Human Immuno deficiency syndrome (HIV)

2. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg).

3. Packed Cells Volume (PCV)

4. Malaria Parasites (MP)

5. Widal.

5. VDRL.

6. Blood Group.

7. Genotype.

8. Pregnancy Test (PT)

9. H. Pylori.

10. Full Blood Count (FBC).

11. Red Blood Cell (RBC).

12. Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

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Common test Request often in Nigeria Medical Laboratories

Medical Laboratory test is the same all over the world, but base on the endemic of particular infection, some societies tend to limit the required investigation.

Nigeria is not an exemption.

Because excess of Mosquitoes who help in transmitting Malaria, MP, Malaria parasites is one of the common test Request in Nigeria.

And often if not difficult to see Nigerian that is completely free of Malaria Parasites.

Another test common in Nigeria is PCV, Packed Cell Volume.

Malaria Parasites engulf in red blood cells, thereby destroy the blood cells, hence people that suffered from malaria infection often have low blood percentage.

Sugar test, Widal test, RVS, blood group, Genotype and others basic test are Request in Nigeria today.