Disorder of red blood cells

Below are some of the major disorder of red blood cells: 1. Anaemia 2. Hemoglobinopathies ( Thalassemias and Abnormal hemoglobins). 3. Disorder due to red enzyme defects, e.g. G6PD deficiency 4. Disorder due to red cell membrane defect, e.g hereditary spherocytosis. 5. Polycythemia

Red Blood Cells

Red Cells called erythrocytes form major cellular component of blood, i.e. Red Cells form about 45 percent of total volume of blood in adults, it give blood it reds colour. Each litre of blood contains about 5 x 10exp12 red Cells, but the exact number different with sex, age, gender and state of health.

Lymphoid stem cells

Lymphoid stem cells divide to form lymphoid progenitor cells which differentiate into B and T lymphocytes. early Development of B lymphocytes take place in the born marrow and lymphoid tissues and development of T lymphocytes take place in the thymus.

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