What is Spirochete?

Spirochete are living organisms which was first use to describe large flexible motile organisms discover in water.

But now the term spirochete are used to describe a family of bacteria, Spirochaetaceae, whose members are long, motile and twisted spirally round a long axis.

Habitant of Spirochete

Spirochete are found in water, soil and decaying organic matter.

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The microorganisms are different in size, some can be long as 20um and others as short as 5um. Spirochete can move back and front by bending and rotating body.

They divide by transverse fission and there is no definite nucleus. In term of microbiology examination, Spirochete are not easily stained.

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Many of the Spirochete are saprophytes and commensals but some are pathogens for man and animals.

Spirochete Genera.

The spirochetes of medical importance belongs to three genera.

1. Treponema (Syphilis)

2. Borrelia

3. Leptospira.

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