Some important Medical Test to do even you didn’t have signs and Symptoms of sickness

Some people believe that they don’t visit Medical Laboratory for investigation or hospital because they don’t sick.

Visiting medical laboratory to examine ones body must not necessarily be done when ones completely feel illed.

Every sickness has period of development called window period.

This period is a period when the sickness newly Acquired is development or multiplying gradually inside the body host.

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At this point, the patient will not have a signed and symptoms, that didn’t mean the person didn’t have the sickness.

Some people has strong immune which help keep the effects of some sickness low.

So it necessary some Times to have yourself examine to outline your health status.

Apart from that, there are basic Medical examine you need to carry out often when you Cross the age of 40 years.

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The test are:

1. Blood Sugar

2. Cervical cancer

3. Breast cancer

4. High Blood pressure

5. Typhoid test.

6. Malaria test


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