Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes

When the quantities of glucose content in the blood rise above normal level the body required at that particular time, is referred as hyperglycemia.

Are conditions that result to hyperglycemia, is called diabetes.

Diabetes mostly affect elderly people, but not all elderly people. Also some young people who are going through some health challenge or hormonal change also may develop diabetes.

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Diabetes is a genetic disease, offspring inherited it from their parent.

So what it mean is that if your parent, your father or your mother is diabetics, the chances of you also inherit disease when you grow all is 70%.

Some people inherit diabetes disease from their grandparent.

Some of the basic signs that indicates you’re likely suffering from diabetes are:

I. Frequent urination mostly in the night.

If you found yourself to be urinating more than 6 time before daybreak then go for diabetes test to check your blood sugar level.

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2. Blurred vision

Blurred vision is another sign of people suffering from diabetes.

Some people who are suffering from diabetes may have a problem of seeing clearly.

3. Joint pain, dizziness

Joint pains and dizziness is another sign of diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes may experience dizziness joint pains.

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4. Un-healed wounds

Another biggest are signs of problems of diabetes is that I don’t want suffering from disease always have wound healing problem.

Little injuries always develop and become big wound, sometimes may lead to amputation.

Others sign includes, weight loss, lost taste and many More

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