Preparation of cooked Meat Media

Media are suitable substance that aides the growth of micro-oganism in microbiology department.

Each micro-oganism has it own suitable media to growth on, and this media sometimes prepared in the laboratory, or buy already made.

In this article, we will show you how to prepare cooked Meat Media, also known as dehydrated products.

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Steps in preparation of Cooked meat media

1. Boiled 500g of minced ox heart in 500ml of 0.05MNaOH, to neutralise it’s lactic acid contents.

2. Drain off fluid and partially dry the meat with a clean cloth.

3. Fill narrow-necked universal bottles, with screw caps and rubbed washers, to a depth of 50mm.

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4. Add nutrient broth to 25mm above the level of the meat.

5. Sterilise the preparation at 121 degree Celsius for 20 minutes.

Note: the meat particles contain reducing substances that help maintain anaerobic conditions at the bottom of the tubes and stop convection currents.

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