Post-mortem examination in Laboratory Animals

Laboratory Animals

All the laboratory animal should be examined post-mortem whatever the cause of death. If the dead is unexpected, or among stock animals a full post-mortem report for the cause of the Death should be recorded and precaution taken to prevent other death.

When it is expected that the post-mortem will depend on the experimental protocol.

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Necropsy or post-mortem examination may sometimes be necessary, for example, to recover organism previously injected into the animal. It should be performed in a safety cabinet under strict aseptic precautions. The material used for necropsy must be either autoclaves or incinerated as appropriate and the investigator performing necropsy must wear gloves and gown.

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Disposal of dead animal

Acceleration is the best way of disposal of dead animals. It must be carefully checked that the animal is dead before incineration.

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