Patient Status you must Before sample for Investigation

What is Patient Status?

A patient status referred to the physiological state of the patient at the time of collections of sample for diagnostic investigation.

Importance of Patients Status

This is to minimise variations in the final result. Factors such as food intake or physical activity may increase or decrease the level of certain body fluids components being analysed. For most blood chemistry investigation, absolute fasting is not essential as the result are not significantly affected, but for test such as glucose, triglycerides, and inorganic phosphorus test, the patient has to be in a fasting state, ideally for 12 hours.

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What May lead to Results Alternations?

Intake of food and daytime variation may lead to alternation in the Constitution of the chemical substance in the blood. It is therefore more appropriate to collect blood specimen in the morning for the patients take any food; but usually there for 26 hours fast will suffice. The case of a plasma lactate test, the patient must be resting.

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Collections of specimens

It should always be Borne in mind that all clinical specimens are potentially pathogenic. It is therefore important that all necessary safety precautions must be observed when collecting specimen. In addition, proper identification of the patient must be made before collecting specimen from him or her. A properly filled request form must accompany each specimen.

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