Medical Laboratory test To Request for if You Don’t See Your menstrual Circle

Hello ladies, in this Post we going to discuss about medical laboratory test you should do when you miss your monthly menstrual Circle.

As an adult healthy lady, it is expected that you should see your menstrual Circle every month.

The menstruation come at specific time you usually sees your own, so everyone has her own specific time menstrual Circle flow.

But what ever time it come, it must be on monthly circle.

If as an adults woman, who hasn’t cross the age of 45 years, and you didn’t see your menstrual flow, something is wrong with your system, as such you need medical examination.

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Please, let professional medical personnel handle your health, most expecially, gynaecologist who specializes in women health.

Having said that, sometimes you may fine yourself in a remote area, or place which didn’t have specialist hospital, what you need to do is, make use of the available facilities within your area.

What May cause ladies to miss her monthly period?

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The cause some women miss there menstrual Circle are:



When woman takes in, menstrual Circle will stop, and this will last until she gave birth, or she had an abortion.

Sexually transmitted infection is one of causes of missing menstrual Circle in ladies.

When a ladies contracted sexually transmitted infection, the growth of the organism sometimes, block oviduct, which may lead to missing of menstrual flow.

Homornal imbalance.

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Hormonal imbalance is another cause of missing menstrual Circle.

So as Woman, first thing to when you miss your monthly flow is.

Request for Pregnancy test

If Pregnancy test come out negative, request for HVS, High Vagina Swab MCS.

If that come out successful and you didn’t still see your period, go for Scan.

Finally go for Hormonal profile if the problem persist.

Like i said before, PT, HVS MCS, Scan, Hormonal profile are the basics test to check.

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