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Medical Laboratory Qualification Requirement

As profetional body, it need qualification to fit in, so in this content, we discuss little about Medical Laboratory qualification and Requirement.

 Because it a profetional body, the government of the land is in charge with the qualification responsibility of entry into the professional studies of medical laboratory science.

There are two way which medical Laboratory studies are set up, either from College of Health, the college is set mostly by government, sometime private body can also set up the college of health, these college are only charge with responsibility of training medical laboratory technician, the program often last for 3 year with internship training, after the completion of the training, the student will undergo a professional body examination, of which if he or she pas the examination, he/she will be given practitioner license, but if he or she field the

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examination, he or she will be require to re-seat  for the examination until he or  she is able to  the pas the examination and the license issued to him or her. The license issue to this category of person is for medical laboratory technician.

 University; there come with full medical laboratory scientist, they are trained and licensed to operate, the study always takes five years to complete with internship training, in the course of completing the course, the student will be subjected to undergo professional examination, and when passed, the license issued as full medical laboratory scientist. Each of the license been technician or scientist must to be renewed annually.

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