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Medical Laboratory Professional Ethics

And this content we are going to discuss on the professional ethics of medical laboratory scientist.

But before then you have to understand that a professional ethics a medical laboratory base on each country law.

Newcomers as well as established member of the profession must at all time be aware of the need for dedication and extra care in the discharge of their duties.

Practitioners are therefore required to observe and adhere to a code of professional conduct which is designed to sustain motivation and serve as a reminder that the medical laboratory science profession is first and foremost dedicated to the service of the sick and the promotions of good health care.

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Each members of the profession should at all-time observe the following principles:

1. Exercise his professional judgement, skill and care to the best of his ability

2. Place the well-being and service of the sick above his own interest.

3. Fulfill his professional role with integrity and honesty.

4. Refrain from misusing his professional positions to the detriment of patients, employers or professional colleagues.

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5. Be loyal to the medical laboratory science profession by maintaining high standards and always striving to improve his professional knowledge and skill.

6. Treat with discretion all confidential and other personal information again in the practice of his profession.

7. Avoid the disclosure of result of his investigation to unauthorised persons.

8. Respect and work in harmony with other members of the medical/health team.

9. Be at all time courteous, patient and considerate to the sick and their relatives.

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10. Follow safety procedures laid down by the authority.

11. Fulfill reliably and completely the terms and condition of his employment contract.

12. Promote the study and development of the medical laboratory science and training and educations of medical laboratory scientist.

Note at the end of the day there should always be joy and satisfaction in the knowledge that duties undertaken each working day constitute an invaluable service to humanity.

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