Medical Laboratory Professional Ethics

Newly admitted member into the medical laboratory field or existing practitioners must all time be dedicated to their work and discharge there duty properly as it where pledge when sign in for the work. As such practitioners must be aware and alert to properly adhere to code of conduct of the field, the code of conduct is developed in order to keep reminding the practitioners that their sole responsibility is first and foremost dedicated to the service of their patient and also, they must try their best to ensure quality health service in their

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area of operation, and humanity at large. The following oat must be adhered by all professional laboratory practitioners;

  1. They promise that the wellbeing of the sick and medical laboratory service will be place above its own personnel interest.
  2. That he must exercise high esteem of his professional judgment at all time with the best of his knowledge.
  3. That his professional responsibility vested him must at all-time be carried out with the best of his ability and honesty.
  4. That he must by all cost stay away from using his professional position against the benefit of his patients
  5. Be ethical incline and obedient to the medical laboratory science
  6. Strived to improved his medical laboratory knowledge at all time
  7. Treat all patient information confidential
  8. Avoid disclosure of the patient result to unauthorized person
  9. Work respectfully and honesty, with his colleague, and other member of medical personnel
  10. At all-time be considerate to patient and their relative
  11. Safety procedure lay down by the medical laboratory professional body must be follow all the time.
  12. Must be loyal to the agree term of the contract if it a contract issue
  13. Development medical laboratory practice, education of medical laboratory scientist must at all-time be defend and promoted.    
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Where all this code of conduct where stick to all the times, at end of working season there should happiness and contentment to both the laboratory scientist, the patient and the other health workers.  

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