Is Hepatitis B the only causes of Liver Damage?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the cause of liver damage.

Some people generally believe that Hepatitis B is the major cause of liver damage.

Hepatitis B affect liver when it become chronic.

But hepatitis B is not only the major cause of liver damage.

Hepatitis simply mean a medical condition that results in swelling of the liver surface.

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So when there is swollen on the surfaces of the liver, is something that triggered the swollen, so that’s symptoms that affect the liver is what they refer to as hepatitis.

When hepatitis is caused by a virus called Hepatitis B, that is when the liver damage can said to be caused by hepatitis B virus.

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So like I said there are other causes of hepatitis, or liver damage.

One of the functions of liver is to help process those chemical will taken into our body system, neutralize it and render it infectives in our body system.

So when much of this chemical are taken into the body system which has more effect on the liver, it give the Liver more work beyond it expected capacity as such results to liver cirrhosis or hepatitis.

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So excess takes of Drugs can also affect Liver, cause Liver damage.

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