Is Hepatitis B Dengerious as many People says it is?

This article will be looking at viral Hepatitis B infection.

Infection that affect the liver, cause by Virus, label as Hepatitis B Virus.

The Virus is a class of Hepatitis label A, B, and C.

We all know Hepatitis A is not that Dengerious, many people leave with the Virus till it disappears on it own with even noticing by the Carrier.

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Why Hepatitis B and C can be Dengerious sometimes.

But the question is, Is Hepatitis B Dengerious as some people believe it is?

Let looks into Viral dimensions, most virus infection had no cure, that alone make viral infection dengerious on it own.

Hepatitis B Virus is Dengerious, but not Dengerious compared to that of HIV, because many people leave with Hepatitis B without knowing till they died of Natural death.

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But no one can leave with HIV for 2 months with knowing, if the person didn’t take any medications within 3 to four months, the HIV will send him or her to early grave.

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