Medical lab

Four Basic Medical Laboratory Discipline

Introduction to Medical Laboratory disciplines

Medical laboratory science is a canopy area made up of many disciplines. The most paramount departmental discipline of medical laboratory science comprises the following;

  1. Clinical chemistry
  2. Histopathology
  3. Hematology
  4. Microbiology

The important function of medical laboratory is to help the doctor diagnose and treat disease, by carrying out qualitative, quantitative test on a biological sample presented to them in the laboratory. The biological sample which are presented to laboratory scientist for investigation are derived from human body.  The laboratory yields a significant function in all area to understand the health system in general, with the following task,

  1. Certifying preliminary clinician diagnosis
  2. Figure out diagnosis
  3. Determine disease
  4. Control therapy
  5. Effective drugs determination
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 With the increase demand of laboratory investigation recently, has led to invention of more sophisticated equipment which help facilitate laboratory analysis. The invented instrument where design in such a way to help hasting the investigation so as to reduce the work load of the scientist. Also with the equipment, waiting time of which patient do wait until the result will be out, of which it takes some time, day or more has drastically reduce and in turn save more life. Medical laboratory practitioner now are days must equip themselves with the knowledge on how to operate the equipment base on their chosen discipline.

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