Early symptom of Hepatitis B Virus

Hepatitis B Virus is a viral infection which can be contracted through body fluids of a person already infected with the Virus.

Hepatitis B Virus is one most contagious viral infection, the virus is more contagious that HIV.

Their many ways the Virus transmitted from carrier to non carrier.

The virus can be transmitted via Body fluids includes sweat, Silva, semen, blood and fluids from women body.

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Just like other sickness, the initial stage when one contracted the Virus will not yield immediate sign and symptoms.

The signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis B Virus isn’t take much time to manifest when compare to that of HIV.

The signs and Symptoms start manifestation a week’s when the person newly contracted the Virus.

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The signs symptoms of early Hepatitis B Virus includes Jundice, fatigue, joint pain, Fever.

1. Jundice

Jundice is one of the major Signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B Virus. In This condition, the person eyes and skin turn yellow due to excess concentration of Bilirubin in the blood.

2. Fatigue

The patient will experiencing tiredness, restlessness and pain allover the body.

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3. Fever

The person may also experience Fever such as high body temperature, headache and others.

Note: not all person infected with Hepatitis B Virus show early signs and Symptoms, some people may remain asymptomatic until when confirmed by laboratory test.

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