Body Phosphorus

Phosphorus is chemical substances found in every body cells. Our body system contains about 17mols of phosphorus, 80 percent of the phosphorus are found to combine with bones and teeth.

The phosphorus is a constituents of many compounds which includes proteins, lipids, some coenzymes and carbohydrates.

Classification of Phosphorus in the Blood

Phosphorus in our body system are classify into four groups Which are:

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1. Inorganic Phosphorus

Inorganic Phosphorus is found in the body as H2PO- and HPO4–

2. Organic or Ester Phosphorus

Organic or Ester Phosphorus are found as, glycophosphate and nucleotide phosphate.

3. Lipids Phosphorus

This phosphorus are found as Lecithin, Cephalin and Sphingomyelin.

4. Residual Phosphorus

Residual Phosphorus are found in small quantities.

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Plasma contain less phosphorus compare to red blood cells. The reason red blood cells contain much phosphorus than Plasma is because it contain more ester phosphate.

Phosphorus metabolism is closely related to that of Calcium.

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