Blood Specimens collection

Blood is one of the most recommended specimen collected for investigations of biochemical component and other infectious disease present inside the body system.

In case of blood specimen, specimen container used used for blood for biochemical investigations must be leak-proof and chemically clean. Syringe and needle for collecting the blood sample must also be chemically clean, dry and sterile.

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In medical laboratory investigation, Venipuncture is the accepted method of blood collection.

Some Factors that Results from Sample collection

Some factors that affect the correctness of the test result Do originate from blood collections.

Some of the factors include;

1. wrong venipuncture technique or method

2.Inability of some substance in the blood.

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3. Use of wrong container.

4. Red Bloods cells, Hemolysis.

Minimizing Risk of Infection

In order to minimise the risk of infection due to hepatitis virus and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), use of disposable needle and syringe become important for collecting blood sample from a patient.

Because of the factors of minimising the risk of infections, use of plastic tubes and bottles are the most adopted, to that of glass ones.

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