Basic Procedure Before Laboratory investigation: Pre-analytical Factor

1. Patient identification and preparation

Before a sample is taken, the patient should be positively identified by verifying his name and identification number.The Laboratory should provide the procedure manual containing information regarding each test, from how to request a test to any instruction that should be followed before and while a sample is being collected. This manual should be available to all medicals and nursing staff. Patient preparations may include instructions about nutritional status, alcohol, drugs, smoking, exercise and sleep.

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2. Specimen collection, transportation and storage

The method and time of specimen collection depend on the nature of the test requested.The Laboratory guidelines in the manual should be strictly adhered to for specimen collection. The types of anticoagulant used for blood sample and containers use will vary with the nature of the test.It may be necessary to use more than one sample container per patient. Each tube should be labelled With patient names, identification number, and the date and time of sample collection.Once the sample is collected, this specimen should reach the laboratory in a timely manner without an necessary delay, sometimes, the temperature at which the specimen should be transported using so critical. In case of expected delay, the specimen should be store according to the guideline for each analyte or investigation. Analyte in the specimen may be affected by freezing, refrigeration, exposure to light or evaporation.

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3. Specimen receiving and recording in the laboratory

When is sample arrive in the laboratory, it should be receive Ada by logging in the computer or by recording in a registered with a laboratory reference number.

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