All you need to know about Safety in the laboratory

The practice of medical laboratory science is associated with hazard and accident.

The Laboratory worker is very much at risk of acquiring transmissible disease true contact with patients or handling of clinical specimens. Thought accident do or call in the best of laboratory, a poly design and overcrowded laboratory has the increased possibility of hazards and accidents.

It should be noted however, that bad laboratory practices are the major cause of laboratory accidents. It follows, therefore, that The Laboratory should be manned by well-trained, dedicated and meticulous staff. Every laboratory must have an appropriate code of safe laboratory practice. Ladies important that all the accident be properly reported to the safety officer or to the officer in charge of the laboratory.

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Laboratory hazard

The Laboratory hazard and accident maybe discussed under the following area:

1. Infection

2 burn and prick

3. hazard of Toxic chemical.

4 electric shocks

1. Infection

Infection in the laboratory can occur in different ways, but the commonest cause are;

1. Inhalations of pathogens in airborne droplets (aerosol) which are released during breakage or spelling of infectious fluid, centrifuging, dispensing or pipetting of an infectious materials; and snap-opening and closing of specimen containers.

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2. Injections of pathogens from contaminated food or finger.

3. Injections of pathogen by mouth-pipetting.

4. Pathogens finding their wat into the body through needle prick, cut, scratch insect bite sores or skin lesions.

2. Burns

Burns sustained in the laboratory may be caused by;

1. Inflammable substance catching fire.

2. Fires from Bunsen burners, spirit lamp, or from faulty overloaded electric circuit.

3. Swallowing of corrosive substance during pipetting or spilling such substance on the skin.

3. Cuts and Pricks

Cut and prick my result from;

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1. Edge of breaking glassware.

2. Edge of a knife

3. Occidental pricking with needle or any other sharp instrument.

4. Walking on glass chippings.

4. Hazard of toxic chemicals

Hazard due to toxic chemical result from;

1. Inhalations of fumes of toxic chemical.

2. Swallowing or ingesting toxic chemical during Mouth-pipetting.

3. Skin contact with toxic Chemicals.

5. Electric shocks

Electric shocks, usually due to ignorance or carelessness can be caused by;

1. Faulty electrical circuits

2. Incorrect installations of equipment.

Touching exposed live wires.

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