Acute blood loss

When there is dropped in Red Blood Cells, (RBCs) hemoglobins or volume of Packed Cells Volume (PCV), dropped abruptly, it refer to as Acute Blood Loss (ABL).

According to World health organization, (WHO), when hemoglobins of man dropped below 13g/dl and woman dropped below 12g/dl, it said to be anaemia.

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Anaemia is generally defined as shortage of blood below it recommended or Normal range.

Anaemia are classify into two, which are Acute Anaemia and Chronic Anaemia.

Acute Anaemia

Acute Anaemia said to have take place when there is abrupt dropped of RBC, mostly cause by hemolysis or hemorrhage.

Chronic Anaemia

Chronic Anaemia anaemia is referred to slow decline of RBCs, which may be caused by Ion or Other nutritional deficiency, drugs-induced, Chronic Disease such as Cancer, HIV and others cause.

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