Omokoshaban Tech is an online Technology publishing related websites. we aims to covered information about tech tutorial and news.

Omokoshaban Tech

We want to be a brand new phase of Technology in Nigeria and World.

Haven’t said that, let properly dive into our mission.

Omokoshaban is a proposed company name that will have branch in different area of practice in world.

But, as the says goes, everything has begin, so we have to start by setting up these website for tutorial and informational guide on technology for whom it may concern.

With the explanation above, you now have basic ideas of what we are driving.

At this point, let list some basic area which we will be working on for now, but we believe as we grow, we will expand.

1. Phones

We are going to work on phones, and financial technology, alias Fintech.

2. Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a basic area we can’t do without.

So get ready because we going to give latest and legit information about cryptocurrency.

The last but Not the list,

3. WordPress.

This website is build on WordPress, so we going to teach you basic giude on how to set up your own website. Everything you. Need to know about WordPress.