3 Serious Signs of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) in Women

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be contracted by both men and women.

Here we talk about women alone, as we compiled signed and symptoms of STD in male in our next post.

Here are three quick sign and symptoms that indicates you have contracted sexually transmitted disease as a lady.

1. Itching

As a lady, you not supposed to be having constant or persistent itching in your vagina or other part of your body.

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Continue itching from vagina is a clear indication that you have contracted sexually transmitted disease.

2. Discharge from Vagina.

Vagina discharge is an usuals substance coming out from vagina. This substance usually come out in different colours and odour.

The colour sometimes indicates the type of microorganisms causing the infection.

Discharge from Vagina is unsual, and often caused by microorganisms causing infection.

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Apart from ovulation discharge, any other heavy discharge from Vagina is a Sign of STD, Please see your doctor.

3. Irregular menstruation.

Irregular menstruation is one of the sign and symptoms of STD. So when you see their is changed in your mestrual circle, please see your doctor to find out what is the cause.

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