Where To Trade Bitcoin with Zero Fees Charges

Trading Cryptocurrency is often engulfed with fees chages.

Some traders has been complaining about some platform which charge high fees.

Charging fees in Cryptocurrency trading

Charging fees in Cryptocurrency trading is the amount traders pay to the company of crypto trading platform just to use the platform.

If the trading platform is a custodial wallets, the fees go to the company.

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But if the platform is non-custodial wallet, the money go to Blockchain the tokens is build on.

This Charges sometimes is high that people with little capital can’t afford to trade on the platform.

In our quest to fine solutions to the development, our finding reveal Binance which is one of the world biggest cryptocurrency trading company Charge Zero Fees while trading Bitcoin.

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Binance has it own Blockchain, with it own native Coins, BNB.

If you want trade Coins, Binance has a lot of assets you can trade.

New to sign up with Binance, use our referral code: 76515768.

Binance can be downloaded from Google play and apple store.

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