EGON Tokens Listing On Coinsbit, trades to start Soon

The EGON Tokens, Eagle Network tokens that was recently launch on crypto markets has finalize deal to list the coins on Coinsbit.

Update from the development team reveal that the coins, tokens will be listed and trades will comence on the 1st of August 2022.

The updates read:

🔥 Don’t miss EGON token listing on Coinsbit! 🔥

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💥 Dear users, we are glad to announce that EGON token will be available on Coinsbit on 01.08.2022 at 13:00 UTC!

🌐 Eagle Network comprises a set of apps and games with a core focus on increasing awareness regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through real-time execution methods like mobile mining and playing games to win. For this Egon Chain is being developed which will use EPoSA as the hashing algorithm generating seamless and straightforward transactions and near-zero transaction costs.

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💠 EGON is a BEP20 token, which can be used for making transactions, staking and other features on the platform.

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💵 Pair:

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🌈 Stay tuned to get updates and latest news from Coinsbit!

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