What Brise-Bigert Decentralization Marketplace?

We recently give you update about Brise-Bigert Decentralization Marketplace.

In the post, we published that the marketplace has been launched, but what we didn’t give, details on what is the marketplace is all about.

On this content I will give you brief details about the marketplace.

What it mean by Decentralization Marketplace, is that, it a place where buying and selling takes place without being control by the government or any organization.

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In a Decentralization organization, nobody’s control the market.

Also, Brise tokens will be used as means of buying and selling in the marketplace.

In the Brise marketplace, everyone is a sellers, just like everyone is a buyer.

All You need, is a simple registration, after you can now offer your goods with price you want to sell, and waits for buyers to buy and pay you.

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