What Stable USDT/USDC Brise Crypto Bridge Mean?

You may be wondering, their already USDT and USDC stable coins.

Why USDT/USDC Brise stable Coins?

Brise is a native tokens of Bitgert Blockchain.

Before the Blockchain was launched this year, Brise token is already in existence.

The token was launched last year.

According to information by the developer, Bitgert Blockchain will be the first near Zero gas Blockchain in the world.

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Today, user of the Blockchain has confirmed that Brise Blockchain is the fastest and the cheapest.

Sometimes it referred to as Solana Killer.

The tokens is about to launch it own USDT, USDC.

Just like Binance, Ethereum have their own USDT peg to Dollar, Bitgert-Brise Blockchain want to have their own USDT and USDC pet to Dollar.

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With the stable coins, user can exchange their Brise to USDT and USDC stable coins.

In a Recent tweets published on the token Twitter handle, titled

Stable (USDT/USDC) crypto bridge updates

The stable, USDT and USDC smart contract will soon be available.

The update read:

Smart Contract development and Node setup has been completed, our team is working on User Interface

Expected to be made LIVE shortly, Stay tuned.

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