How to Enable Whataps Two-step Verification, to prevent your account being Hacked

With the advent of technology, many things are happening.

The internet fraud stars has devise means of hacking another person social media handle, so that they can use it to commit their fraud related acts.

Due to much complain and suggestions, owner of Whatapp roll out Two-step Verification.

This verification is just for you to create pins for your account which only you know.

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The pins will be request for sometimes if you want to access your WhatsApp.

Also when you change your phone, the pins will be required to retrieve your WhatsApp account.

Failure to provide the pins will assume that your account is hacked, and you will not able to access the account.

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So learn how not to forget your pins.

Now let see how to create Two-step Verification on WhatsApp.

First step is open your WhatsApp and go to settings

Next steps is click on account, Privacy, Security, Change of Number.

It will takes you to next page below

Them click on Two-step Verification, it will take you to next page below

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Click on enable as seen above to enable your two-step verification.

Then enter pins you can remember, of which you will be ask to confirm the pin, re-enter.

The last Step is to enter your email address, and confirmed it, you are done.

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