Will Bitrise Tokens Overtake Shiba In 2022?

Bitrise token has been label as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency token in 2022.

The tokens was launch the same year, 2021 with safemoon.

But somehow, Safemoon gain massive popularity and adaptation before Bitrise.

Shiba Inu was launch 2020, the token gain massive adaptation in 2021 shortly after safemoon rise.

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Bitrise token begin gaining attention early this year after launching it on Blockchain.

According to crypto expert, Bitrise-Bitgert Blockchain is the fastest and cheapest in world presently.

Shiba Inu, Safemoon and other tokens are yet to release their own blockchain.

As such many expert has predicted that Bitrise will overake Shiba Inu before the years end.

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So what your takes?

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