Rise and Fall of Safemoon Tokens, why Delay in executing Project according to RoadMap did it finally Fall?

For those who are up to date in cryptocurrency, it could be recall on how meme tokens, Safemoon token that was launch March last year quickly grow and gain popularity in the Crypto space.

Safemoon Within 2 months of it launch skyrocket, gaining over 1000000% growth without releasing any of it project.

But due to it operational method, where buyer and sellers are charged some percentage, of which the charge are redistributed to Holders, some expert call for concerned, advise investor to be careful.

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Today will marks a year and some days safemoon was launch, only two projects among all the numerous project on the RoadMap has been executed, which is Safemoon Wallet and safemoon Version V2.

In the late last year, SEO of Safemoon resign, and leave the project.

He didn’t state the risen he resigned.

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Early this year again, one of the co-founder of Safemoon leave the project, according to their announcement, he is returning back to school.

Since then, many projects that was launch after safemoon, such as Bigert, and French Connection Finance, FCF,has released numerous projects according to their roadmap.

But safemoon is yet to release any tangled project that will push the token Forward.

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Presently, Safemoon has disabled comments section on it official Facebook page, the actions is aims to prevent followers from airing the complain.

Last month, the SEO of Safemoon, John promise release some projects before the end of the month, but nothing happened and we are in April.

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