How To Setup Google Adsense account to Receive Payment In Dollar Into Nigeria Bank Account 2022

If you newly found yourself as a blogger or YouTuber in Nigeria and you earn revenue from Google Adsense, one of the thought that come into your mind, is how to get your money at the end of every month in your Nigeria Bank Account.

The process, has take a new twist due to Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN new policy.

To get money credited into your Bank Account now, in 2022, you will need a Dollar account.

Before we go into the process, know that their are only two methods of requesting for payment in Google adsense account.

Which are:

1. Check

2. Wire Transfer.

The most convenient way to request for payment internationally is using Wire transfer.

So if you resides outside U.S.A, leaving in Nigeria and other Africans country, using wire transfer is the most convenient.

So have it in mind that the method we are explaining here is wire Transfer.

So let get back to how to setup your account.

As I said earlier, if you are in Nigeria, first thing you need is Dollar account, why? Because New CBN policy prevent Nigerian leaving in the country to exchange Naira with others currency.

Presently, Nigerians leaving in Nigeria can’t use their naira Debit card to pay an international service.

For example you can’t use your Naira Debit card to pay for offer or goods in Dollar, pound and other currency, because Nigeria Bank are not allowed to trade foreign exchange right now.

Now How to get Dollar account in Nigeria, I will recommend UBA, because i have been using UBA for a while now, I never have issues with them.

First thing you need to do is walk into any UBA Bank branch close to you with your NIN Slips or Voters Card and 2 passport, with any utilities bills.

Go to customer care, tell them you want to open Freedom Domiciliary Account.

The will guide you true, and open the freedom Domiciliary Account for you.

We going to give details about freedom Domiciliary Account in our next post.

After receiving your Freedom Domiciliary Account number, then next step is to head to your adsense account to fill in payment form.

Then fill the above form page as follow,

To receive payouts by bank transfer, contact your bank for exchange rates and fees. Bank account must be located in Nigeria and in US Dollar currency.

  1. Beneficiary Id (optional): Leave the space blank if you are using individual account

Enter your Bank account name

  1. Name on bank account: example (Musa Shaban)

Enter your Bank Name, example

  2. SWIFT BIC: For UBA Only enter the following UNAFNGLA
  3. Account number: 065066……. example
  4. Re-type Account number: 065066……. example
  5. Intermediary bank (ask your bank): CITIBANK NEW YORK
  6. Intermediary bank name (optional): CITIBANK NEW YORK UNITED STATE
  7. Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional): (CITIUS33)

Leave these blank

FFC or FBO (ask your bank)

For further credit/for benefit of (optional)

(Click here if have more than one account and you want to be receiving money into the account details you provide here.)

Set as primary payment method

This payment method may need to be verified. If you make this your primary payment method, payments may be delayed.

Note: the swift code provided on these post is for UBA only. Please you are advice to contact your bank so that they can provide you there swift code.

Click save if you finish.

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