How to Turn On Developers mode in Smart Phone

Smart phone has many function, due tova lot of function, give the name smart phone.

But no matter how smart the phone is, if it didn’t have any application in it, it become useless.

The usefulness of phone lies on the application.

This application are build by Programmers.

Before the programers role out this application, they have to under serries of testing and debugging.

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So for this to happened, Phone will be required to be connected to the programing mechine.

Incase you are new to programing, and you have build your first application and you want to test it, you can use your phone to debug and test your application.

What need to do, is to have your USB code available, and then turn on developer mode on your smart phone.

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On this post, we are going to show simple step to turn on developer mode in your phone.

First step is go to settings, then click About Phone, them tap build Number 7 times to activate Developer mode.

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