How clean up Phones Memory

Often Sometimes, phone that is in used get slow down.

Downloading or uploading documents become so slowed.

This happen because, Memory of your phone is exusted, this may due to low memory of excess use of your phone Memory.

On this post, am going to teach you easy steps to clean up your phone Memory to boost your phone.

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First steps is, go to phone settings.

Then Click on Storage

When you click on Storage, it will take you to next page, as shown below

Them click on clean up, wait for the phone to calculate space to clean up.

After which you click on clean to clean up your phones memory.

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Don’t worry, this clean up will not delete any of your storage files.

How to Boost Phone Memory when in Use

Incase you may be using your Phone, it get hang-up, this happen because of low memory.

You can solve the problem be closing any application you are not using.

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When ever you switch from application To another, without closing the previous one, the one you leave is running at the background of your phone thereby consuming memory.

So to free your phone, close any application you are not using.

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