How to Stop WhatsApp Photos/Media From Downloading directly to your Phone Gallery

Is not new again for those who use WhatsApp often on how media, such as photos and Videos instantly download into phone gallery when the message landed in their WhatsApp.

The development is very anoying mostly if your phone don’t have enough storage space.

Also instant download of media into gallery consume a lot of your Data.

As you donwload WhatsApp and start using it, Instant media download is set to default, but if you don’t want the media to appear on your gallery, you have to manually change it to No yourself.

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On this post, we are going to teach you simple step to turn off instant WhatsApp Photos download.

First step is to open your WhatsApp, then open WhatsApp group you want stop Instant media download to your gallery.

As shown on the screenshot below, Click on 3 dot white line on top of the right hand side of the screen

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Click on Group Info, it will take you to another page, shown below, them click on Media Visibility

When you click on Media Visibility, it will takes you to another page shown below.

Then click on No.

Just as it is shown below, then finally Click Ok to safe your change.

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You are done, no photos from that WhatsApp group will download into your phone again, until you chose to download it and change the settings.

If you in many groups, you must follow the same step for all group.

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