How to Backup Phone files, Photos, and Video Document into Google Drive to free storage space

As we all know, files, Such as video, photos and others are the major source of storage space consumption.

This file sometimes didn’t have immediate use, and when your phone storage is exusted, it makes phone to work abnormal.

All this files, photos and videos can be easily move to Google Drive, after which you can delete them out from your phones to free the phones space.

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First step is to download Google Drive from Google Play Store or Apple Store if you are using Iphone.

After installation, sign into Drive with your Gmail.

Note: Google Drive is own by Google, so you need Google account to be able to use Google Drive.

After Sign In, you close the App.

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Next Step is, Go to your phone settings,

Scroll down to System, then click on it, it will takes you to another page as shown below

Scroll down and click on Back up to Google Drive.

It will takes you to another page as shown below, them click on Back up now to Back up your files.

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After you Click on back up now, wait patiently for the files to completely Back up.

Time before the Backup will complete depend on the files sizes, and Network speeds.

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